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 Our goldsmith of dinandier, actually includes several specialties that may become businesses in their own right:
glider, turner-repellent, editor, engraver polisher-brightener.


The glider performs the formatting of a room. The shape is achieved by hammering, employing forging techniques and brassware: punching and swaging to set proper form then the sub-planing and planing.


Turner-spinner is shaped parts using a lathe, It uses tools to push, allowing it to flatten the initial sheet metal on a form inserted in the chuck


The chaser is responsible for carrying out the details of the piece, using a special technique of spinning metal, chasing. This operation is performed on parts or planed tours and gives them their details and ornaments. At this stage can also act to create a cutting days. The chaser is also responsible to take castings to rework. After deburring, the chaser will make a matt finish creating or patterns. the carving is done manually. expertise exclusively Fassi.


The editor is responsible for assembling the component parts of the object. His work is mainly related to welding techniques and the exterior finish. It also handles parts to be gilded or argentées.la welding is done by silver wand.


Polisher is responsible to take care of the finish and the surface condition of the pieces, using a polishing lathe, and hand.

A check is done systematically after each process by an experienced controller and noted on pages followed and historical dimensions and finishes requested by the client are monitored and controlled at each step.

Electrical installation is done on the item with accuracy and respecting nature sockets requested by the client, a grounding will is provided on the installation.

The metals used are essentially light years by copper, brass (copper and zinc), bronze (copper-tin) and nickel (60% copper, 20% zinc and 20% nickel which give stainless alloy resembling silver). Although Morocco produces copper in the High Atlas, ready to be used metals come in rolls and European records.

  Les métaux utilisés

The brass, is widely used for the manufacture of commonly used utensils.
teapots, trays, ... are often decorated with cookie cutter. They are silver or chrome electroplating. These are lightweight and inexpensive items that spoil quickly .... Fortunately, they are recovered, can be melted and used again. As the brass is used in the typical manufacture of the luminaire.

The nickel was formerly used for the manufacture of objects that were found in all homes fassis:
washing hands, launches perfume ... The traditional tea service , also in silver, consisted of two large trays .
more imposing had a great sugar box , a medium box for mint, a little to green tea and a cup for the spoon.
The second plate was used to put the glasses and teapot .
Now , these objects are still used but they are no longer in nickel but less heavy metals. The nickel is now reserved for refined use exceptionnel.voir items YEARS LIGHTS objects. Bronze can make monumental objects . Wooden doors of the Royal Palace, the Qaraouiyine Mosque, Madrasa Attarine are covered with a plate engraved bronze . The impressive chandeliers in the Qaraouiyine , candlesticks, incense burners , carved appliques , large trays are made of bronze .
They are abundantly decorated with geometric patterns. "This is a work of art on a noble material"

Lace born a saw

Today, if openwork metal laser is in the North, Morocco remains artisanal, and always handmade with unique tools ... It is each time a unique, valuable, to create renewed reasons craftsmen under the direction of designers.

On a copper foil is attached a "boss" that are printed paper form and the reasons should take this metal plate.

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